About Us

We are not an official group with a leadership structure,

just a bunch of ham’s who get together on the weekends.

We have few rules, just good common sense.

Each one of use brings our talents to our hobby.

‘Few Rules, Few Boundaries, No Complaints & No Clues’

Amateur Radio operators and those folks that are interested in the art of Radio Direction Finding are encouraged to visit and use the information found on this site often.

 This site is for new comers, old time T-hunters and all interested parties in Amateur Radio Direction Finding Techniques and going on hidden transmitter hunts. A place where new comers can find answers to their questions as well as finding new and interesting tips on building their own equipment, modifications to existing gear, types of antennas  and radios for mobile direction finding and antennas that they can make from wire, tape measures, pvc pipe, old tv antennas and many more interesting items.

Being an avid Transmitter Hunter since the 1970’s, I have been building my own gear since 1973 and have a bit of  experience to offer those wanting to build their own equipment.

There are several local Amateur Radio T-Hunters that have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer also.

If you can’t find that piece of information you are looking for or have a T-Hunting or Amateur Radio related question, use the Contact Us selection at the top of the screen.

This site will always be a work in progress.

Your comments and criticism are needed to become the resource that everyone has asked for and will enjoy.


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  1. Melissa Resma says:

    Hi dad


    1. WB6AMT says:

      Thanks for checking it out. Luv Dad


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