Adjustable Regulator Board



  •  Custom-designed for use in any circuit requiring regulated supply voltages

  • Up to 5 amps of peak current for Raspberry Pi and peripherals

  • Replaces troublesome offshore “buck/boost” switching voltage regulators blocks & wall wart transformers

  • Output regulation adjustable by onboard potentiometer or by a fixed 1% resistor

  • Guaranteed 0.3% Load Regulation

  • Short circuit protection

  • Thermal overload protection

  • Time Domain Current Limiting

The current limiting circuitry allows peak currents of up to 12 A to be drawn from the regulator for short periods of time. This allows this regulator board to be used with heavy transient loads and speeds start-up under full-load conditions.

Datasheet download here



Schematic_AR-4 v1.7 Regulator


ARv7K Adjustable 5Amp LM338 Regulator Kit w/meter  $25.00 plus shipping

ARv2K Adjustable 4Amp LM317 Regulator Kit no/meter  $20.00 plus shipping

Assembled units are available, pre-set to your required output voltage and burned-in under load for 24 hours prior to shipping, contact us at <> for current pricing.

                     All products shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Allow additional 24 hours for assembly and testing.