DTMF Transmitter Controller


This Arduino UNO R3 shield turns any two-way radio into a timed On and timed OFF transmitter for Radio Direction Finding uses.

The DTMF decoder is hard wire strapped for the Prefix digit, the ON digit & the OFF digit. All three digits need to be different.

This controller allows the hidden transmitter to be remotely turned ON and can be be Disabled during the time that the transmitter is in the pause mode or not transmitting.

The DTMF decoder can be operated as a stand alone DTMF decoder providing 250ms decoder outputs for any 16 digit,when a valid DTMF audio signal is received by the controller.


DTMF Controller v1.2  Complete Kit  $38.00 plus shipping

DTMF Controller v1.2 Assembled and tested   $64.00 plus shipping