Apex Controller/ Allstar Node


RF considerations are used in the design and building of the Apex Controller/ Allstar node.

Zero failure rate on any components over the past 2-1/2 years, since it was introduced.


Chinese budget components fail…..that’s why we don’t use them.



  • Fabricated and tested in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

  • EMI Filter Networks MIL-15733/43-0002

  • Power supply internal voltage reference is trimmed to less than 1%

  • Time Domain Current Limiting for full overload protection

  • Heavy duty shielded Ethernet receptacle   

  • External gas spark-gap protection for power conditioning input circuit

  • Custom length cables made for each unit

  • 5 status led’s indicate circuit status

  • Easily configured to most repeaters and base stations

  • Enclosure size 8.75″ X 5.75″ X 2.16″

  • 24 hour burn-in prior to shipping 


The Standard Repeater Controller provides control of the repeaters’s transmitter, with proper station identification in Morse code or voice, including time-out functions meeting the FCC requirements.

Audio is handled by the Master’s Communications RA40 USB radio interface. Separate potentiometers are used to make precise & final audio level adjustments.

High level transmit audio to drive transmitters requiring high transmitter audio.

Status led’s for Heart Beat, TX PTT, Comm OK, power supply status.

Interface to your repeater with five connections, Ground, Discriminator audio, Ctcss/COS output, Tx Audio in, Tx PTT.

Input supply voltages are  conditioned prior to entering the chassis with gas spark-gap protection and additional filtering.



Coming Soon!

Repeater Controller with Local Control option is built on a standard 19″ rack panel.

A 2 watt audio amplifier drives the local speaker.

Panel accepts Motorola 8-pin RJ45 DTMF microphone.


Repeater Controller/ Allstar Node (Standard)           $445.00  Plus $21.00 Priority USPS Service

Repeater Controller/ Allstar Node w/Local Control   $ TBD  

Motorola DTMF Encoder Microphone                       $75.00  Plus $9.50 Priority USPS Service 

Customer Support is available at (702) 372-9891 from 8:00AM until 9:00PM PST Monday-Friday

One year warranty on all parts and labor