Field Day 2015

       Mt. Charleston is the location for this years ARRL Field Day 2015

Arriving at the 2015 ARRL Field Day site started Thursday evening June 25, with most of the setup crews arriving Friday June 26. The actual event will run for 24 hours starting at 1200 Zulu time ( 12:00 Noon local time) on June 27, and securing at 1200 Zulu June 28.

Over the decades, amateur radio operators from all fifty United States and almost every country around the world participate in an attempt to make as many contacts with other ham radio operators as possible in that 24 Hr period, earning points for each type of conversation based on the kinds of equipment and operating conditions surrounding each Field Day group or individual.

They will be operating from fixed locations, portable setups, from their vehicles roaming from various locations, private aircraft and even from the International Space Station.

Computers are used now days to log all the info about the contacts that are made on the different frequencies authorized  by the F.C.C. for U.S. Amateur use. After the event these computer logs will be sent to ARRL headquarters to be tallied and the results of all the Field Day participants are published a few months later.

The purpose being to promote good will throughout the amateur community worldwide as well as practice operating using Emergency Power methods like solar energy, generator and battery power sources. Stringing wire antennas and the many other antenna types used by hams, will be used by hams in the mountains, on beaches, in national parks and from their own back yards while “ON THE AIR” during Field Day.

The following folks are hams from several Las Vegas Area  Amateur Radio Clubs working toward the same goal…..Having a bigger, better Field Day than last year.