January 12, 2020

Radio Modulation, your microphone and how to talk to it.

Tonight we will destroy several myths that some folks have about modulation with sound technical and engineering facts.

Tonight’s moderators have a combined field experience in the commercial and broadcast communications field of over 100 years, take advantage of that fact tonight.

Those of you that feel you have this down pat …..don’t go away, but participate in the discussion. You may leave tonight’s TekNet with a piece of information that you didn’t know, how cool would that be.

I strongly urge the newer users to FM communications to take some notes, and ask questions so that this information is completely understood.

Your going to see how and why it is so extremely important for you to learn how to talk to your microphone.

Why and how proper transmitter deviation can mean the difference between you being heard and understood even in a weak or low signal quality condition.