Links to RDF Resources/ Clubs

Here is a five minute video showing off what we  do!   Transmitter Hunting

When your finished watching the above video, on the right side-bar of additional videos on Transmitter Hunting, go down to ‘Transmitter Hunting Basics’ by AustinHams it is pretty funny….. -San Diego T-Hunters Club  –  Henderson Amateur Radio Club

    W7HEN weekly Net is Sunday evening 7pm local time,  447.925 Mhz  156.7 Hz.  –  Nellis Radio Amateur Club

    Nellis Net is Thursday  7pm local time,  449.875 Mhz  127.3 Hz.  –  Las Vegas Amateur Radio Club –  by Joe Moell  K0OV –  IARU Region II  –  Excellent Amateur Radio Resource  –  Radio Direction Finding in a BIG nutshell!  –  SDF-1, Searcher Antenna kit  $44.95 from Rainbow  – So. California Transmitter Hunters – Excellent study materials for all amateur licenses as well as all commercial licenses and endorsements.