Logo for shirts

This should print out full size on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of Avery Fabric transfer ( iron on ). You can reduce the size and print several on one sheet, for the Front pocket area  of your shirt or jacket. Mine have lasted for over a year. Make sure to get the correct type  for the shirt you plan on putting it on. Light material, where you print it reverse on the iron-on material, and for Dark shirts, you print it normal view and use a protective sheet (comes with the package) on top of the transfer to keep from melting it as you iron it. This is a much more resilient transfer and I have washed mine in excess of 25 washings. The transfer is a thin rubber like white backing, your actually bonding this white backing to the surface of the material, make sure that you have washed the shirt at least once.

If you apply the transfer to a new shirt, the slightest amount of shrinkage will  cause the transfer to have very small wrinkles all over the transfer, I discovered this after putting a transfer onto a new unwashed shirt.



This logo is being stitched up for a 10″ Jacket patch.

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