Past Las Vegas Hunts

April 16, 2016

The hidden transmitter was KD7CWE Sean and K7GTW Stephanie. Their location was at a small park behind a sports field at Buffalo and Oakey. Being in the middle of a residential area, the multi-path was murder. Those steel street lights every 125 ft really add a twist to some hunts.

WB6AMT found the transmitter after 23.1 miles, and a time of 1hr 17min. He will host the May hunt.

This is what happened on the way home. While going over a freeway overpass, a 50-60 mph wind gust came from the right and snapped the antenna at the window mount. Hopefully we will be ready by next hunt……with a thicker mast.  ( Man, am I glad I had a metal cable clamp holding the coax to the boom!)


In changing part of the website format, we lost the past hunts info. It will be reconstructed this week and should be here in the near future.