Practice Transmitter – PT2

146.565MHz  Low-Power Practice Transmitter/Oscillator  


The PT-2 practice Transmitter is a precision programmed TCXO device that will operate off of two “AA” or “AAA” batteries (+3.0Vdc) for several days continuously.

With the 19 inch antenna lead, range is approximately 300 feet (depending on terrain).

This constant signal source is perfect for the beginner transmitter hunter who is developing their Direction Finding skills and learning how the antenna, radio and attenuator all work together, by practicing in your own yard

Using several of these units is a great way to fine tune your direction finding skills involving multiple transmitter signals.

This device is very reliable and easy to incorporate in to a disguised item, like taping to the inside of  potato chip bag and taped to the bottom of a fence at the park. It blends right in with the other trash that gathers along a fence line.

Your imagination is the limit for this small 146.565MHz oscillator that can be hidden anywhere or in anything..

NOTE – This device will be destroyed instantly if connected to supply voltage incorrectly or more than 3.7vdc.

All PT-2 units are burned in for 24hrs prior to shipping.

PT-2  Unit Price – $15.00  plus shipping