SA-818 Carrier Boards



The SA818CB-DL Ver2 carrier board makes using the SA-818 walkie-talkie radio module easy to incorporate into your project builds adding two-way radio capabilities.


The SA818CB-DL Ver2 VHF or UHF radio modules function with an on-board 47-53 ohm resistor dummy load.

Schematic_SA-818Rev2 Board

The SA818CB-UHF Ver 3 boards are for use with UHF radio modules employing an external antenna.

SMD/SMT Low-pass filters are pre-installed on Rev3 and higher boards.


Using a low pass filter installed on the board reduces the  (F2) 900MHz spurious emissions to approximately -60 db from the operating 440MHz frequency.



Assembly instructions, schematics, photos, mounting hardware, all components supplied for model ordered.

Assembly Instructions here: SA818 Assembly Instructions

DUTY CYCLE: The SA-818 can be used in a high duty cycle environment in the low-power mode only.

Adequate cooling and intermittent transmit key down must be observed for operation of the SA-818 module in the 1 watt setting without damage to the device.

** High duty cycle use, such as connected to a repeater Allstar node, has shown failures because of the extended duty cycles and the need for adequate cooling.

SA818CB-DL Ver 2K   Kit   $20.00 plus shipping  (Does not include SA-818)

SA818CB-UHF Ver 3K   Kit  $25.00 plus shipping  (Does not include SA-818)

SA818CB-UHF Ver 3  $45.00 plus shipping  (Includes SA-818, programmed, assembled, tested and 24 hour burn-in)

Shipping & handling to the lower 48 states is $7.00, any other locations will be calculated and verified prior to shipping.

SA818CB-UHF Ver4  boards may be shipped on orders for SA818CB-UHF Ver 3. depending on Ver 3 stock.

Electrically Ver.4 boards are the same as Ver.3, the difference is an updated low-pass filter on the transmitter output.

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