Arduino Shield1


Arduino UNO Rev3, Radio Transmitter Controller Shield with 4-pin connector to interface with radio microphone jack.

  • Keying Output line is selectable – Ground for radio PTT or (+5 vdc) for interfacing to external circuitry. Available with or without relay.
  • Solid-state PTT switching available (no relay installed).
  • Powered by (+12vdc) at Arduino Vin pin.
  • Adjustable Transmitter audio level control.
  • Status leds – Standby/Transmit.
  • Spare set of relay contacts (NO, NC, Common) for user define usage.
  • Shipped assembled and tested in protective padded packaging.

THController-A1R  $15.00  Plus $6.00 shipping

THController-A1 (without relay) $13.00  Plus $6.00 shipping