Upcoming T-Hunt Info.

Las Vegas Main Frequency – 146.565 Mhz

August’s hunt will be on the 10th at 7pm, staging at the starting point is 6:30pm.

We will be starting from the Southern starting point at the Inspirada Viewpoint/Weather station.

WB6AMT will be hiding the transmitter and there will be subway sandwiches and plenty of refreshments available for all that might have missed dinner.


Use (H2) 449.925MHz (-) PL 131.8Hz 

 for coordination & assistance in most of the Las Vegas valley.


Northern Starting point

There is an area on the North side of the beltway about 50 feet deep that has plenty of room for vehicles to turn around and take their initial directional bearings, then enter back in to traffic. Please watch for cross-traffic.



Southern Starting Point in Henderson, NV

Inspirada Overlook & Weather Station

If you are coming from North Las Vegas or the central part of Las Vegas,

Take Hwy. 15 southbound.

Take the (NV 146) St Rose parkway / Southern Highlands Parkway exit 27.

Keep left to take the St. Rose Pkwy. exit.

Turn slight left onto (NV 146) / St. Rose Pkwy.

Proceed East 2.3 miles.

Turn Right on Executive Airport Drive.

Pass the Airport on your left.

Continue on Executive Airport Drive becomes Via Inspirada.

Continue straight on Via Inspirada.

The road will make a sharp left turn. Slow down.

The Inspirada Overlook & Weather Station will be on your immediate right. If you start to go down the hill, you pasted it. You can easily make a U-turn back to the WX station.

Inspirada WX lookout