We salute the following Amateur Radio Operators & others who served or are serving the United States of America.

“A veteran is someone who at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for any amount, up to and including their life.”

WB6AMT – Sgt. Earl A. Lizardi,  United States Marine Corps   (1968-1975)

     (Son) – Cpl. Christopher P. Callihan, United States Marine Corps (1992-1998)

(Grandson) – Cpl. Desten LaGrange, United States Marine Corps  (2018-  )

KA2SEY – Sgt Phil Casey, United States Marine Corps  (1978-1985)

WB6AXW – SSgt. Jackson Dobbs (sk), United States Army   (1960-1966)

KE7YYW –  Sgt. Jason Dean, United States Army  (1996-2007)

N2THO – SFC William Woomer, United States Army   (1974 – 1987)

KJ7NAS – AEM 2nd Michael Billing, United States Navy  (1996 – 2006)

KJ7NNU    CEC Joe Talbot, US Navy (Seabees) (1994-2004)

W7DGU – FT3 Don Usher, United States Navy   (1957-1960)

KE7FIK –  Maj. Paul J. Kapsar,Jr., United States Army  (1986-2003)

W7LSE – Sgt. Larry Eisenberg, United States Air Force,  (1966-1970)

WB6JZW – Capt. Bernie B. Bangi, United States Air Force   (1979-1985)

W7HMV –  Col. Billy Smith, Jr., United States Air Force-Retired  (1966-1993)

KC7KDH – Robert W. Wright, United States Navy     (  )

KF7KQK – TSgt. Stewart A. Moss, United States Air Force-Retired   (1973-1993)

KC2NAU – Sgt. Vincent Grunseich, United States Air Force  (1966-1970)

KG7OLF – SMSgt. Francis J. Timbers, United States Air Force-Retired   (1962-1982  )

W7RCL – Ron Lawson, United States Army   (1963-1969)

W1RO – RMC(AC)  James A Bassett, United States Navy – Retired  ( 1968-1988)

KC7QJO – SSgt. Lawrence P. Simon, United States Air Force   (  )

KG7QWH – MSgt. Shane Huston, United States Air Force-Retired

                     (1976-1996  1996-Current Inactive Retired Reserves)

N7UR – LT.JG.  John Bigley, United States Navy

KB7UTV – MSgt. Dennis Simon, United States Air Force-Retired   (1962-1982)

N0VDX –      Bill Ruben, Jr., United States Army-Retired   (  )

KB7YUZ – Spc4  Jane Garwood, United States Army   (1979-1985)

N7ZEV – FC5 Frank J. Kostelac, Jr., United States Navy   (1965-1969)

Should you be on this list, do you have a family member or friend you want to see honored here, send me their information or any corrections to


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