WB6AMT – VHF Quad Antenna


You can see in the above photo the slot, that allows the antenna boom to be rotated  90 degrees for Vertical or Horizontal polarization. Since this photo was taken, I attached a short piece of 5/16″ Bungee cord to the screw head and attached it to the back portion of the mount. I then attached a piece of 1/8″ cord, approx. 18″ long with a loop at the bottum. I ran it down the mast to a pair of screw heads, one screw set at a distance so that the antenna is resting at one polarization.

Then by pulling down to the second screw head, the antenna is rotated to the other polarization.


By moving the above terminals to the lowest SWR being measured with an antenna analyzer, all it took was soldering the connections in place.


November 2015 Version

Green covering is the Sleeve/ Bazooka Balun.