VOIP Interconnect Board


The VOIP Interconnect board was designed for easy interfacing with Masters Communications RA40/RA42 USB Radio Interface board and our Supervisory board or the SA-818 Carrier board.

Connection is easy for other types of USB radio interfaces and other two-way radios with proper configuring.

Two versions of this board are available.

Vertical header pins on .1″ centers to connect to external devices and horizontal header pins for installations where vertical clearance of the interconnect cabling is an issue.

Components are on-board for providing the DC voltage needed by some electric condenser type microphone elements or microphones with DTMF encoder circuitry.


Below is an example showing a complete radio Allstar node built into an obsolete Motorola 800MHz MOSTAR chassis using our VOIP Interconnect Board, providing local control of the radio’s DTMF microphone, the radio’s On/Off switch, volume control potentiometer, front panel speaker and led indicators.

The best of both worlds…Local Control or use your HT and move around your house while still operating your Allstar node.


Schematic_Voip Interconnect Board

Each VOIP Interconnect Board includes the following:

 7-pin Male header pins to USB interface

6-pin Male header pins to Radio connections

16-pin Male header pins for connections to external components ( see above)

4-pin Male pins to USB led connections

3-pin (wide spaced) power supply connections

2-pin Male header pins for speaker connection

Assembly of this kit is quick and straight forward. All 2-56 mounting hardware is provided.

For assistance on using the VOIP Interconnect Board in your projects, contact WB6AMT@cox.net.

VOIP-V  $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping

VOIP-H  $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping